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Your Freedom Under Attack!!!


This just in, forward and post this wherever you can!!!

Patriots, Brothers in Arms in Militias and everyone else who believes in expressing your god given right to defend yourselves from criminals and government tyranny with the best tools available.

This is something you need to know: There is an legislative action in the works to clamp down on our fundamental right to defend ourselves. This will come as the ratification of the ominous-sounding "INTER-AMERICAN CONVENTION AGAINST THE ILLICIT MANUFACTURING OF AND TRAFFICKING IN FIREARMS, AMMUNITION, EXPLOSIVES, AND OTHER RELATED MATERIALS" from the "Organization of the American States". Do not be fooled into thinking this is some kind of constitutional international action to help combat the fighting south of the border, this is clearly an impending attack on our freedom!

The government is going to use the plots of the Christian Hutaree Militia to both justify a seizure of our precious symbols of freedom AND to drive a wedge between armed partiots and the law enforcement community. Expect evokations of the isolated incidents of Okalahoma City and the Centennial Park Bombing to be used as further justification of clamping down on our rights.

Both the Constitution and the Bible are VERY clear that any American has the right to wield any kind of weapon anywhere at any time, that is the very essense of American freedom that our forefathers fought and died for. However, if the liberals have the votes to jam the socialist takeover of one-sixth of the American Economy down our throats, then they have the votes to pass this freedom-destroying act as well.

Voter registration will be used with other records to narrow down the siezures of our weapons. Nonmilitary-style weapons like hunting rifles and shotguns will not be targeted. Honorably serving and discharged military veterans as well as police will be excluded from the purge, but civilians who own copious amounts military style hardware should look out. If you read deep into the text of the act you will see the coded language of "prevention", "cultural and historical uses", and "sport shooting and hunting" that, put together, communicate a clear targeting of military style weapons in the hands of those who vote for and support freedom-loving candidates.

This is important, if you value your military style guns and are afraid of them getting stolen by the increasingly communist govermnment... do NOT register to vote, and if you ARE registered, DON'T vote. Voting for Republican or Tea Party candidates will be the first method that they use to track who owns weapons that should be seized.

Law enforcement clearly cannot confiscate all the weapons out there, even if they limit it to military-styled hardware, this is why they are limiting it to people registered to vote for certain political parties or movement. Not all of our law enforcement brethren would go along with this, but Patriot Organizations like the Oathkeepers will give the government a convenient list of people they cannot use to fulfill that executive order.

The one thing that a patriotic gun owner who realized that the second ammendment is the only one worth a damn should remember is this, keep off the voter registry. This is how they can identify your political beliefs. Laws forcing the disclosure of donations to the FEC are likely to be misused, so we should be careful about donating money to conservative and tea party candidates as well.

Both the constitution and the bible are VERY clear that any American has the right to wield any kind of weapon anywhere at any time. This is our most sacred right and duty, and god bless the patriots who do their part to stay off the big-brother, nanny-state databases that Congress will be compiling this fall.

We cannot win this fight by outvoting the other side. Too many American voters have turned traitor and can be convinced that there can be such a thing as "sensible" or "perfectly constitutional" restrictions on what kind of firearms patriotic americans can use to defend themselves against criminals or fascistic law enforcement.

The only defense we have is to make it hard for the liberal/communists/fascists to track our political beliefs, and the only way we can do this reliably is make sure we stay off of the voter databases. Everyone who understands their fundamental right to own military style weapons for their personal defense needs to do their duty and neither vote nor register to vote. Keep big brother out of your politics, and keep your faith in god and your powder dry!
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