Gee, You Are You! (funnygurusdca) wrote in actual_liberals,
Gee, You Are You!

Prop 8 Final Arguments

The case in Federal court, over the merits of California's Prop 8, wound up today with final arguments.

I don't personally have a dog in this poker game, since I'm not planning to get married again to a person of either gender. I also don't have a clue as to what the ruling will be, but with Ted Olson and David Boies there on behalf of the Plaintiffs, Prop 8 has a pretty decent chance of being overturned.

I do have a prediction, should Prop 8 go away -- There will be a fairly significant quake in California and the religious right and assorted Tea Baggers will proclaim it some angry message from above.

Other than that, people and pundits will oooh and ahhh about it for a while, then things will settle down a bit.

This will come as welcome news to the Wedding Cake Topper industry, who will continue to churn out zillions of little plastic couples of every variety. Divorce lawyers won't be idle either.

And they all lived happily, ever after - until, of course, they didn't.

Lawyers give final arguments in gay marriage case
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