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The Very Heart and Soul of Conservatism

Arnold Fucking Schwarzenegger.

I think the very heart and soul of Teabagfoxpublican values is on display right now:
Judges approve Arnold's plan to cut 200,000 State Employee's Pay to Minimum Wage from the San Francisco Paper.

Man, the son of the Nazi, who built a body on anabolic steroids, and who played the same fucking character in every movie for twenty fucking years, who has somehow lived in the U.S. of A. for almost half a century but never taken the time to learn how to fucking speak English right... this fucker just agreed to hold up the state to give in to HIS budget demands and is holding 200,000+ State workers hostage.

"Government Employee" Characters Portrayed by Arnold Schwarzenegger in film:
Collateral Damage (2002) - Firefighter
True Lies (1994) - Government Agent
Kindergarten Cop (1990) - Police Detective
Red Heat (1988) - Russian Detective
Raw Deal (1986) - Sherrif
Last Action Hero (1993) - LAPD Detective
Eraser (1995) - U.S. Marshall
Commando (1985) - Retired Special Forces Soldier on a (GASP!!!! THE FUCKING HORROR!!!!) pension.
The Running Man (1987) - Military Helicopter Pilot

Real life Arnold's opinion of bold heroes he portrayed in movies?

"FUCK THOSE GUYS!!! I will destroy the middle class lives of each and every one of them rather than pay a single extra cent of property tax on any of my mansions."

Next time Arnold needs flown over a wildfire area? Kick him out, chopper pilot. Let the fucker burn.
If he is trapped inside of one of his mansions? Let him burn, firefighter.
If someone breaks into his house and holds him at gunpoint? Let them shoot him, policeman.
This goes the same for anyone with a fucking Arnold sticker on their fucking car.

Do you think people will train on HazMat Chemicals and using the Jaws of Life and Carrying 200lbs bodies wearing full protective gear and tons of other shit we don't even think about for $7.25 an hour? If you are OK with this you kind of deserve to slowly burn to death trapped in your car while the impoverished guy with the Jaws of Life decides it's too risky or difficult to save you.

We pay the real heroes of our society far too poorly and the false heroes far too well. Arnold (just like his "hero" Reagan) IS the very embodiment of this. He said bold words other men had written for him while a camera was pointed at him and we confused this with reality. He should try to act his way out of a chemical fire.

I'm actually proud of the list of government workers Asshole Fuckebitcher has played. I think that should be a meme. Also, Asshole Fuckabitcher should fucking die when an uninspected bridge collapses under the weight of his Hummer.

P.S., if you want to feel fucking sick about the how much American's hate our neighbours who pave our roads, patrol our streets, teach our children and fight our fires, read the comments section on the SF Article. There can be NO dialogue with these teabagfoxpublicans. Let them burn.
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